4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Garden in Time for Spring

It’s Spring! The year has definitely flown by and you would be forgiven for having overlooked the garden the last few months, but with spring around the corner now is the perfect time to give your outdoor area some much needed attention.

Luckily, it’s a job that needn’t be pricey or time-consuming thanks to these four easy cheats to get your garden growing!

Number one: Take care of the basics

Take care of the essentials like:

  • mowing the lawn
  • pulling or poisoning the weeds
  • cleaning out the gutters, and;
  • trimming any overgrown shrubbery or branches

It costs next to nothing to tackle these tasks and makes an instant difference. It might seem basic, but these are things that people notice first and can make a home not only look shabby and uncared for but can even make others devalue the property in their minds.

Number two: Replace or repair garden tools

Have a look at your garden tools and check to see which are in bad shape. Now is a good time to replace or repair any that aren’t going to cut it over the warmer months. You’ll only be using them more when you get back in the garden so it’s a good idea to head out now before you get stuck without them.

Number three: Fertilise and mulch

The next step is to care for your soil which may be dry and lacking in nutrients after winter. You can pick up good quality fertilisers and mulch from your local nursery or hardware store but organic scraps and waste like compost and manure also make great additions to a garden bed.

Number four: Plant new plants and flowers (and even veggies!)

Ask someone at your local nursery or do a quick search online for the best plants, flowers and veggies to plant in spring. You’ll want to aim for things that’ll flower, grow and be harvestable by summer. This doesn’t have to cost a lot either, with seedlings or even seeds being more cost-effective than established plants – of course they will take more time to grow and may need a little more care initially.

By simply tidying, replenishing and planting you’d be surprised just how fresh your garden can look. Whether you have a big or small space to tackle, these tips will set you up for a great start this spring.

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4 Easy Ways to Transform Your Garden in Time for Spring