Time for a tree change? Five reasons to trade the suburbs for your own slice of acreage bliss

There are lots of reasons many of us find ourselves looking for a tree change and trading in our busy suburban lives for a more peaceful and relaxing place to call home. Usually, giving up the convenience of living in an inner-city or surrounding area means moving to an area with more limited job opportunities.

One of the best things about living in a rural area with a 4520 or 4521 postcode is this enviable lifestyle can be achieved whilst still being able to make the easy commute to Brisbane for work. That is one major drawcard! Here we look at five reasons local residents love living in this special part of Queensland.

1. You never have to worry about backyard space (or space in general!)

Living on acreage gives you so much opportunity to capitalise on space. There’s ample room for that veggie garden, and so much space for kids to run around and explore without even leaving the property.

If you’ve ever wanted to keep chickens, or to finally buy that dream horse, suddenly it all can become a reality. Many local residents also keep cows, goats and sheep on properties.

Having so much land also places less restrictions on you when deciding to renovate or extend your home. With so much surrounding space, you don’t have to consider cutting heavily into your outdoor area or restrictions imposed by neighbours with close borders.

Having so much space also makes entertaining so easy. Large outdoor areas, whether formal or informal lend themselves to fire pits, barbecues and parties where everyone is sure to fit – and find a spot to park!

2. You aren’t living on top of your neighbours

Lots of people are initially attracted to acreage living because they won’t be living so close to their neighbours, which comes with lots of benefits.

For one, you don’t need to worry as often about troublesome pets. When you’re further from your neighbour’s fence line, it’s unlikely pets are going to cause as many issues as they might in suburbia. And with so many like-minded individuals who also have pets, it’s an easy conversation to have if the family dog has slipped out of the yard, or might be barking during the day.

Not living so close to others also means there’s much less background noise to contend with. Think radios, televisions, or even being able to hear your neighbours conversations! It’s rarely an issue with acreage living.

This also gives local residents a much greater sense of privacy. With homes surrounded by land, no one is able to peer through a window, or overhear a conversation. Your home is your private getaway!

3. Sense of community

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That being said, most residence love the community feel that does come from living in a rural area. Residents are all too happy to lend a hand, offer a wave and have a chat.

There are also several local community groups, publications and events held regularly in Samford, Dayboro and surrounds for you to get involved with and enjoy. From pony clubs, to the Country Women’s Association, community farms, scout groups, sporting clubs, rotary, and even the local Men’s Shed, there’s certainly a strong sense of community throughout the region.

Some of the local events held annually include:

4. Peace and quiet amongst nature

It’s something locals probably take for granted, but one thing residents with a 4520 or 4521 postcode don’t have to worry about is noise pollution. Even the sound of passing cars is a rarity.

Most mornings, you’ll be greeted by the sounds of birdsong, and maybe even the crow of a rooster! A far cry from endless traffic sounds, busy street noise or early-rising neighbours.

5. A healthier lifestyle

Walking around and tending a larger space definitely has benefits when it comes to leading a healthier lifestyle. A bigger plot of land tends to get us outdoors and really enjoying and making the most of our space. This could include planting your own veggie garden and even raising your own chickens so you can enjoy fresh produce straight from your own backyard.

It’s not just our properties that invite us outdoors though, with beautiful surrounds like bush-walking trails, horse riding tracks, local markets, national parks and creeks, swimming holes and waterfalls, there’s so much to venture out and explore in the local area.

There’s also something so relaxing about coming home to and unwinding in your own quiet and peaceful space after a busy day which makes you feel as though you really are getting away from it all. So, it’s great for our mental health too!

What will your top five reasons be?

Ready to find your dream lifestyle property? Take a look at our current local listings, or give us a call so we can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. We’re local experts, so we can help you discover what this beautiful region has to offer – just ask.

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Time for a tree change? Five reasons to trade the suburbs for your own slice of acreage bliss