#3 essential things you must know before putting your house on the market.

by Drewe Henzell

#1.  Take time to choose the right agent. A lazy agent that promises to save you a few thousand on commission can lose you tens of thousands on your final sale price, (Fact).

 #2   Don’t get greedy, get educated. It is vital that you list your property at the correct price right from the start. Your best and most serious buyers will more than likely view your property in the first few weeks of listing, these are the people that are actively looking NOW to buy and have more than likely been looking for some time and have already inspected many similar properties in the area. These serious buyers will compare your property to the ones they have already viewed and will know immediately if you are overpriced. Don’t let these important first few weeks pass you by as generally the longer your property is on the market the less you achieve on the sale.

“Remember it’s the current market that ultimately decides what your property will sell for not the agent nor the owner” there for you must meet the market.

#3   Don’t be afraid to accept a reasonable offer in the first few weeks. So many times we hear of venders three or four months down the track saying “I wish we accepted that offer”.  As I mentioned in item #2 your most serious buyers can come early, don’t fall into the trap of thinking “that was quick, we’re getting a lot of interest I think we’ll wait for a better offer”, often that better offer never comes and as your property sits on the market longer and longer and the interest gets less and less so do the offers.

In summary. Take your time to choose your agent and listen to their advice on market price and the best marketing strategy for your property. If you would like any other information or you would like to find out the likely selling price of your property in today’s market please give me a call on 0429 555 651.

Regards Drewe Henzell

Business Manager & Sales consultant at Craig Doyle Real Estate.

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#3 essential things you must know before putting your house on the market.