"Animal House"

by Ronni Grevell


Most people move out to Samford & Dayboro to be able to provide their kids with fresh country air and a sense of community …. A big plus  when moving to the country is to be able to have pets… lots of pets!!! dogs, cats, horses, chickens, goats, llamas, guinea pigs etc, etc ……

When selling your rural property you have to consider your pets not only for their comfort but also for the potential buyers that will be looking at your home.  How do you balance selling your home with pets & their special needs?

The best way to look after your pets and visitors is to remove your pets for all viewings both open homes & private inspections.


Some pets don’t mind having strangers enter their home, however you cannot predict how a pet will react when a stranger visits particularly without the home owner being present.

From personal experience my dogs would offer people a cup of tea & help them find the valuables if we weren’t home ….. but….. I had a pest inspector come to my home to do  some work & he let me know that he did not enter our media room because our cat was growling at him …..he didn’t feel safe to carry out the work!!!!!

Potential buyers can be scared of dogs or cats….this is a very real fear & sometimes no amount of reassurance from us can make them feel better.  I will always let buyers that book a private inspection know if there will be pets at home during  the inspection.

Many potential buyers are allergic to pet hair; I even had one buyer that was allergic to horse hair!

Dog poop…..no one likes  smelling, looking at or potentially standing in dog poop!!!!

Get rid of pet smells before you sell!!!!!

When you live in your home you get immune to the pet smells… GUILTY!!!  If you want your house to sell for the best possible price, you are going to have to eradicate pet smells………..below are some pointers to help with this

What can we do & who can help us with our pets when agents are conducting  open homes & private viewings?

  • It can be as simple as taking your pets for a walk or throwing them in the car & taking them to a local part or creek……the family will have fun & your pets would love it too!
  • Book a kennel for your pet for open homes http://www.samfordpetresort.com.au/
  • Ask your family/friends if they can look after your pets for open homes or even the duration of the sales process
  • Hire a professional pet walking service http://www.hoovesnall.com/services.html
  • Have a secure fenced area for your pets so buyers can clearly walk around your property comfortably

The Bottom Line

Selling your home is a daunting task in itself but having pets adds another dimension… I know I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 horse & 3 goldfish (thankfully the goldfish don’t cause too much of a problem!!!).  Offering a pet free environment inspection for your buyers may help to sell your home faster and for more money as well as keeping your beloved pets & your potential buyers safe & happy.

Ronni Grevell

Ronni Grevell

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"Animal House"