How to choose the right real estate agent when selling …

by Kelly-Ann O'Neill


How to choose the right real estate agent when selling …

For most of you, your home is your most valuable asset. So choosing the right agent to represent you and your property is kinda a big deal. But don’t stress! Look past all the hype and advertising, meet them in person and ask yourself the right questions.

In todays’ world, real estate agents are more exposed than ever. You as a seller have technology at your fingertips. On multiple devices and various platforms real estate agents’ statistics are open for viewing.

This can be both enlightening and confusing …

You jump online and see that an agent might have 50 local listings, does this make them the best?? I just think it simply makes them an agent with 50 listings. Using popular agents can be great but are you going to get the time with them you need to really feel supported? Are they spending more time promoting themselves then they are on their properties??

Number of listings … not necessarily important … number of sales?? Now that’s a bit more interesting. Who is getting properties sold?? And who is selling property closest to the listing price?? That’s worth noticing.

In our local communities of Dayboro & Samford we are blessed that we still get to enjoy that small town vibe. However the downside is you do something wrong and p*ss someone off … well it spreads like wildfire!!

Bringing this point back to real estate I will say this … listen to your friends when they are telling you about their recent experiences in local real estate. If they are recommending someone based on their loyalty to them as a customer, how helpful and insightful they were or how they just never stopped being there for them every step of the way … well go to THAT agent and start there.

The stories where agents get abusive and pushy and you don’t hear back from them in weeks… well … they aren’t stellar qualities you want in your agent no matter how many listings they have. Don’t ring them!!

You need to feel in control and not bullied so choose an agent where communication is free flowing and positive. Never put yourself in a situation where you feel pressured or uncomfortable because this is your property and your asset.

In closing I will leave you with the qualities of a real estate agent that you are looking for to find the best agent for you …

# TRANSPARENCY – can you feel that the agent is being completely transparent about the value of your property?? If your not feeling that the agent is an open book with you then buyers are definitely going to get the same vibe and not trust the information provided to them. Lack of transparency on value is the quickest way to destroy a real estate relationship.

# TRUSTWORTHY – What does this word really mean?? Lets rephrase … Is this agent worthy of my trust? Are they being transparent and am I feeling that all information given to me is true and correct and backed by local knowledge? If it sounds like BS it probably is. Do my friends, real and facebook 🙂 say they trusted this agent 100%?? Ask yourself these questions.

# HELPFUL – Agents are critical to a smooth selling experience. They should solve some of your moving problems during and after the sale. At the initial appraisal ask yourself does this agent seem helpful?? Do they genuinely care?? Do they make me feel comfortable enough to ask a lot of questions if need be?? And will I trust their advice?? You want an agent who is genuinely interested in your property and in you. After all you are hiring them to help you make one of the biggest changes in your life.

When choosing your agent, take all the time you need and make them listen to what YOU want and what YOU need. If they’re not listening then they are not the one for you. Don’t feel you have to go with the first agent you meet with. Go with the one who gets you and why you love your property. Because that’s who they need to look for to buy your property… another you.

And finally, the single most important word on this topic is … drum roll please … # COMMUNICATION. Like all relationships the agent/vendor one is no different. Without clear communication it will be difficult and challenging and extremely stressful.

So for now, that is all. Go forth and ask yourselves all these questions to help you choose an agent with all the positive qualities you can find.

All the best and remember we are always here to help …

Kelly-Ann O'Neill

Kelly-Ann O’Neill

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How to choose the right real estate agent when selling …